Catalogo Art Basel Miami: Le Dame Gallery London-Capri

Per Art-Basel Miami 2017, Le Dame Gallery hanno commissionato ad art-bit design&c. il catalogo della stilista e designer di moda inglese Sadie Clayton.

At the heart of what I do, I am a sculptural designer taking inspiration from the idea of headspace and the concept of time. How to find time during our daily lives to stop and internalize, to explore who we are in that moment, not fighting with the pressures around us but being still and opening ourselves up to pure, creative thought whatever that means to us as individuals. The concept of time, using it to its fullest, how it escapes us and yet sometimes we miraculously get it back as we through travel through time zones. Like Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit we drop down into the holes I create in my 3D cut out’s. Or caught up in the frenzy of our lives which I depict through my embroidery.

Two continuous themes throughout my collections which this season I have explored more by embracing the visual representation of my work through the use of holographic technology and lighting to depict the speeds at which we live various moments in our life, frenetic chaos to stillness and peace of mind.

I have a personal spirituality which I draw on coming from the metaphysical properties of stones, and their physiognomy. This is replicated in the texture of the fabrics I use, and in the voluminous shapes, or constraints and twisted proportions of my garments. Another constant in my work is the use of Copper. An element which brings good luck and which I manipulate both in its raw metal form by hammering and heating for a progressive finish, and within the textile and colour palette of my collections.
My signature piece is the bomber which I have created both in and outside of my collections with bespoke bombers worn by celebrities such as Skin from Skunk Anansie and show pieces including my collaboration with Swarovksi in my Autumn / Winter 2016 collection.

My signature bombers have been enhanced in my Spring / Summer 2017 collection by working with new textiles including latex in collaboration with Kim West and new tonal embroidery and embossing techniques. As well as developing the bomber theme, I have taken these essential properties and expanded the range to develop into parkas.
I always work within the parallel world of Fashion as Art especially in my current Spring / Summer 2017 under the umbrella of Ownership – the progression through our lives of owning and being owned in the same way as a piece of art or clothing can change hands. How at moments in time we are being observed or revered on a plinth or on a wall by many, and other times when we are protected in intimate, private environments.
This meeting of minds between Art, Fashion and Technology in the form of a collaboration with MOH hologram, the creators of award-winning holographic experiences for Christian Louboutin, Burberry and the British Fashion Council presented at the Royal Academy of Arts is a perfect example of the importance of collaborations in my brand strategy. Other collaborations include Nixon, Swarovski, Alcantara, Kat Maconie, United Nude and artists such as Andrew Logan, Mark Lebon.
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