Paolo Buonaiuto

visual designer & art-director

multiple ways... to display images of things.

Paolo Buonaiuto has been working as an art director and visual designer for over 25 years.

His projects are signed art —bit design&c., a visual design and communications studio handling all the visual communication production process, from the brand design to the coordinated image, throughout the promotion of identity values within institutional, museum, cultural and product communications, in particular signage & wayfinding.

Coordinator of the First Level Academic Diploma Course in “Design for Humans” and Professor of Graphic Design and Color of Graphic Design at RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts).
Professor of Design and Tourism at the Roma Tre University in the Master in Tourism Languages and Intercultural Communication..
He collaborated with Villa Médicis – Académie de France à Rome for the exhibition “Thursdays at Villa Medici” within the program “Graphic Lessons”. He held colour lectures at LUISS – Free International University of Social Studies “Guido Carli”, Rome. As a trainer, Paolo taught in the Perception, Light and Matter course and the Colour Design course for Cosmob S.p.a., Pesaro, Italy.
He has been a lecturer in the “Visual Communication for Companies” course organized by the Rome Institute for Entrepreneurial Training in collaboration with the CNA – the Italian Confederation of Crafts and Small-medium enterprises based in Rome.

Senior professional graphic member since 2007 AIAP (Italian association of visual communication design) – card number 588. Regarding institutional positions, he has been Director of the Lazio Delegation of AIAP – the Italian Association of Visual Communication Design, from 2010 to 2012, then Secretary from 2013 to 2015. In 2016 he started his career at AIAP in Lazio, and eventually became Advisor of the AIAP board for 2019- 2021 biennium.
Responsible as designer of the visual communication between Aiap and Confcommercio – Businesses for Italy – Professions.

Key Projects

– International Graphic Design Week – Design. Editor of visual identity and content / Rome – Italy, 2018
– Galleria Borghese Museum, Palazzo Barberini, Palazzo Corsini, National Museum of Palazzo Venezia, National Museum of Castel Sant’Angelo, Galleria Spada, Museum of Musical Instruments, Widespread Museum of the city of Rome – Visual identity and signage museum / Rome – Italy, 2013
– Civita Servizi, Gebart managing cultural heritage services – Objective development and museum merchandising for the above-mentioned museums / Rome – Italy, 2014
– 13th International Architecture Exhibition – Italian Pavilion, visual communication project / Venice – Italy, 2012
– FederLegno – infographics for an exhibition stand at the Rimini Meeting / Rimini – Italy, 2016
– Palazzo delle Esposizioni – visual setting-up for an exhibition / Rome – Italy, 2014
– Macro Museum of Rome: Contemporary Italian social and cultural communications design exhibition / Rome – Italy, 2015
– Wayfinding & Signage at NAT – Ndola Airport Passenger Terminal / Ndola – Zambia, 2019
– Wayfinding & Signage at NAT – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia / Moscow – Russia, 2019
– Wayfinding & Signage at Lagoona Motorpark Pit Building / KAEC – KSA, 2019
– Andrea Sampaolo exhibition at Poltrona Frau USA / Miami – USA, 2012
– Projects for Nokia, Coca Cola, Prestitalia, Birra Peroni, Ica Food, Command Marina Militare, Progedil 90, Budweiser Beer, Tecnocasa, Telemaco.
– I am specialized in events organization and art catalogues editing, including Artrooms – London’s largest free art fair of independent artists.

Professional Affiliations

– Senior Professional of AIAP – Italian Association of Visual Communication Design.


– Graphic Design and Colour course at RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts.
– Design and Tourism at Roma Tre University, Master’s Program in Languages and Intercultural Communication.


– First Level Academic Diploma Course in “Design for Humans” at RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts.


– Web Design in Italy-0.1 (Happy Books 2004).
– Logomania: Italian Signs (RED Publishing 2006).
– Brochure Parade (Happy Books 2008).
– Creatives are Bad (2008-2009-2010).
– Publication of articles in blogs and trade magazines (Progetto Grafico, Aiapzine blog).

Awards & Honours

– “Creative Designer” by Lazio Region – 100 stories of creativity in the Architecture and Design section (2016).
– ADI Design Index 2018, visual project and editor of Rome – International Graphic Design Week | Visible Cultures.
– Designer Excellence Lazio and Lombardy regions 2018.




Art&Museum exhibit design - action, irreverence, solidarity, authenticity, excellence
Food&Beverage - hybridization, serendipity
Digital Tourism - entrepreneurial spirit
Fashion, Communication, Publishing - colors


The name of art —bit comes from a phonetic pun of the English term “heart-beat” just as a metaphor for our emotions and energy. This propulsion seeks to create a common or reciprocal path of interpretation using different communication systems that at the same time can also be superimposed.
Being “art —bit” is synonymous with passion for one’s work, competence, openness to the new, respect for the other; of awareness that “together” is better than “alone”, that two heads think better than one, and that three heads are less than two wrong.

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RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts)

Corso di Progettazione Graphic Design II – Teoria, scienza del colore e sistemi di stampa

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